G-Dragon’s Shine a Light Concert Commercial

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Last week we reported that Big Bang’s G-Dragon will have his first solo concert(s) titled “Shine A Light” at the Seoul Olympic Stadium. There will be two concerts, the first concert will be held on December 5th at 7PM, and the second concert will be held on December 6th at 6PM. The first story contained a small 33 second commercial spot with general information pertaining to the concert.

Well, a new 40 second commercial for the concert has been released, but this time the information is being delivered by G-Dragon himself. In the video, you can also check out G-Dragon’s new hairstyle which was first displayed this past weekend on Inkigayo. Remember to visit the BBVIP Forum.



2NE1 not allowed to have boyfriends for 5 years?

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Earlier today, Popular girl group 2NE1 appeared on the Variety show Strong Heart. During a talking segment of the show, the subject of the founder of YG Entertainment, Yang Hyun Suk (YG) came up.

During this segment, leader CL declared that the “YG is too strict,” that they aren’t allowed to have a boyfriend for 5 years because it’s stated in their contract. MC Kang Do Hong replied with, “Then that means Sandara Park can’t have a boyfriend until she’s 31?” CL responded with, “Well, there might be a way around it. If the guy goes through YG’s physical & health examination test.”

Epik High front man Tablo responded jokingly to all this saying, “My fiancéis a YG Entertainment artist so does that mean I have need to pass this health examination too?” The other girls of 2NE1 said they bickered with YG over this and eventually got the years reduced from 5 to 3. CL responded with, “it’ll give the unni’s some hope.”

Sandara Park said she found host MC Lee Seung Gi attractive, while Park Bom said her ideal type is Brian from Fly 2 The Sky. Minji & Brian does an erotic dance, CL sings with Insooni, 2NE1 performs with Boom, Minji dances with Seung Gi, and more, check out the 2NE1 cuts below, also check out the YGLadies forum.

Inappropriate Photo of Wonder Girls in an African Magazine?

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In the past, K-pop sensation Wonder Girls have been featured in various international magazines–including that of U.S., Philippines, and Thailand – demonstrating their rising popularity in, not just Korea, but overseas as well.

However, with a lack of research and false correlation, mistakes can easily be made when obtaining a photo of an international artist or group. Need I remind you of the Swiss Tabloid Magazine that used a picture of Super Junior’s Yesung as Kim Jong Il’s son?

It seems a similar misfortune has fallen upon a newspaper company in Swaziland, southeast Africa.

The problem lied not only in using an inappropriate photo of Wonder Girls with ex-member Hyuna, but in the content of the article itself. The accompanying story reported on the reason why younger girls date older men – a matter completely irrelevant and unrelated to the Korean girl group.

The caption under the picture reads “YOUNG AND BEAUTIFUL…… Young girls prefer dating older men for a number of reasons.”

A representative of JYP Entertainment stated, “We are currently resolving this ordeal with the newspaper company in Africa. We will take actions accordingly.”

Let this be a lesson to all journalists and writers: although Google is often referred to as a reliable primary source, extra caution must be taken where content is concerned.

New Girl Group: Lady Collection revealed!

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Lady Collection

I’m sure many of you remember our story on Lady Collection, the new 3-female member vocal group, that is set to debut in October.

Well, the ladies have finally revealed themselves and released a teaser mv for their debut track “Watch secretly (훔쳐보기).”

Consisting of members Jieun(JC), Eli(앨리) and Say(세이), the 3 ladies supposedly have amazing vocals and will be the next SeeYa. On a side note, I just romanized the names, and am not sure how they will officially spell them, so take that with a grain of salt.

As for their label, earlier reports stated that they were from YG Entertainment, but there may have been confusion on that end, as JC was originally in YG Entertainment. Their label is unconfirmed as of yet.

Track list
01. Ladysh (레이디쉬)
02. 훔쳐보기-슬픈말
03. Poker Face
04. 아는 오빠
05. 그 누구보다


Family Outing Ep.64 ~Seung Ri&Hyun Joong

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Episode 64 of FAMILY OUTING

w/ Seung ri of BIGBANG & Hyun Joong of SS501





Part 5-9 & EP 64 are gonna be posted soon!

G-Dragon and Sandara Park Have Chemistry!?♥

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The eye contact between’s Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon and 2NE1’s weiner, Sandara Park aka Dara was a hot issue today.

G-Dragon performed today at Korea’s Global Gathering event and had KUSH as well as Dara join him on stage. G-Dragon’s new album is not only consisted of well written songs but also features many great artists from Teddy to CL to Dara to KUSH.

When Dara joined him on stage for their duet song, Hello, people noticed the amazing chemistry between the two performers. Netizens commented, “Are they dating?”, “Alright, just go out already!”, “Aww they would be a young boy-older woman couple!”, and “They both have a cute face so they look good together.” I won’t mention the jealous fans but there was one comment that caught my eye. It’s a bit off topic but… “Dara kind of looks like BoA.” Doesn’t she?

Though we all know that it’s not love that is bringing the enthusiastic performance, it’s their amazing stage persona.

Check out some pictures where they make some intense eye contact! Hope to see even more 2NE1-Big Bang action in the future!


SOURCE:  http://www.allkpop.com/

Noh Hong Chul parodies G-Dragon on Infinity Challenge

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Infinity Challenge is known for their hilarious parodies, remember their parody of Girls’ Generation / SNSD “Gee” back in February? Well they’re at it again and this time comedian Noh Hong Chul parodies G-Dragon’s “Heartbreaker.”

It wasn’t a full MV parody like “Gee” was but a brief introduction to the show to induce some laughter, who knows? Maybe they’ll play the full version at a later date. As for the footage we got to see, it was pretty hilarious. Noh Hong Chul was in full makeup and costume and mimicked G-Dragon’s moves, he even did the apple biting move.Check it out above the screen ^