Inappropriate Photo of Wonder Girls in an African Magazine?



In the past, K-pop sensation Wonder Girls have been featured in various international magazines–including that of U.S., Philippines, and Thailand – demonstrating their rising popularity in, not just Korea, but overseas as well.

However, with a lack of research and false correlation, mistakes can easily be made when obtaining a photo of an international artist or group. Need I remind you of the Swiss Tabloid Magazine that used a picture of Super Junior’s Yesung as Kim Jong Il’s son?

It seems a similar misfortune has fallen upon a newspaper company in Swaziland, southeast Africa.

The problem lied not only in using an inappropriate photo of Wonder Girls with ex-member Hyuna, but in the content of the article itself. The accompanying story reported on the reason why younger girls date older men – a matter completely irrelevant and unrelated to the Korean girl group.

The caption under the picture reads “YOUNG AND BEAUTIFUL…… Young girls prefer dating older men for a number of reasons.”

A representative of JYP Entertainment stated, “We are currently resolving this ordeal with the newspaper company in Africa. We will take actions accordingly.”

Let this be a lesson to all journalists and writers: although Google is often referred to as a reliable primary source, extra caution must be taken where content is concerned.


One Response to “Inappropriate Photo of Wonder Girls in an African Magazine?”

  1. Very usefull infomaction. Thank you.
    Keep it up

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