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2NE1’s “In The Club” on Inkigayo

Posted in 2NE1 on September 13, 2009 by wonderbangfansclub


With much anticipation brewing after our earlier announcement of 2NE1‘s new stage performance, the 4-member group rocks the stage on SBS Inkigayo with yet another popular track off of their mini-album, “In the Club“.

Based on the title of the song, you may think this is a club banger; however, “In the Club” is actually more of a slow-paced R&B song with the lyrics conveying a story of a girl who tries to escape her pain of loving a playboy for just one night in the club. Likewise, the performance itself was centered around a club setting with stage theatrics similar to that of “I Don’t Care”.

Many viewers were worried that the girls’ packed schedule would impair the girls’ amount of time to practice and lead to a rushed performance, but 2NE1 impresses us yet again tonight. The girls look gorgeous coordinated in black and do a good job of showing their emotions and vocal talents yet again. All four girls made for a performance that you simply couldn’t tear your eyes away from.

Unfortunately, a representative of YG Entertainment reported that “The girls will end all activities with their performance on Inkigayo. However, instead of taking a break, they will head back to the practice room in preparation for their next album.”

What a shame; I was really looking forward to a live performance of “Stay Together” on stage. On the other hand, I am greatly anticipating what 2NE1 has to offer next as they set the bar quite high for themselves within the past few months of their debut. Will the fierce quartet be able to maintain the hype and attest to their name of becoming the new evolution of the 21st century?

As we await for 2NE1’s comeback, be sure to show your support for the 4 ladies at YGLadies!

(the video was broken,still searching for it)


Sandara Park beats out G-Dragon?

Posted in 2NE1, Big Bang on September 9, 2009 by wonderbangfansclub


Sandara Park has recently released a new single entitled Kiss feat. CL. This single is rumored to be the CF song for Lee Min Ho‘s and her Cass commercial.

The song already had a lot of fans in anticipation and upon it’s release it has been doing well on the sales charts. So well in fact that on Monkey3’s chart Sandara’s “Kiss” actually beat out greatly hyped G-Dragon’s “Heartbreaker” for the number one spot on their daily chart. The single started out as the #23 song only 2 days ago, so it has made an impressive jump in such a short amount of time.

A Monkey3 representative spoke on the matter, “Before Sandara Park’s new single was released, there was a lot of interest and anticipation. Upon its release the response has been overwhelming.”

I’ve never heard of Monkey3 so I went and checked out Cyworld to see if this was the trend on other charts. Currently on Cyworld’s B&G chart, G Dragon’s “Heartbreaker” stands at #4 while Sandara’s “Kiss” is at #3.

I found it funny that Dara was the first 2NE1 member to have a solo song, but YG definitely knows what they’re doing and take quick advantage of any opportunities given. I can’t wait for the CF to be finally released.

Dara and Lee Minho’s Cass 2X CF is Out!

Posted in 2NE1 on September 9, 2009 by wonderbangfansclub


After several teaser photos of Lee Min Ho and Dara on set smooching were revealed the public, crushing the hearts of fangirls and fanboys alike, the long-awaited Cass 2X CF/MV Teaser has finally been released!

As we suspected, Dara‘s solo song, “Kiss” was featured in the CF/MV teaser as well, as the lyrics of a girl needing her man to be more aggressive, and just simply kissing her corresponded to the overall plot.

Although Lee Min Ho could have toned down on the eyeliner a bit (it seems like he was wearing more make-up than Dara herself), the hot couple riding in a red Ferrari together is definitely enough to make viewers green with envy.

But what do you think about the CF? Hot or not? In the meantime while waiting for the full music video, you can also check out the YG Ladies Forums.

More Photos of Sandara Park and Lee Minho for Cass!

Posted in 2NE1 on September 9, 2009 by wonderbangfansclub


Well it seems like more pictures of the Cass Beer CF latest models 2NE1’s Sandara Park and part time actor/ full time flower boy Lee Min Ho has surfaced on the internet and I have to admit, they are looking F-I-N-E!

I hope they may have more CF collaborations in the future because they make a mighty great couple. Am I right? I’m actually thirsty for some Dara Cass Beer right now!

More Photos of Sandara Park and Lee Minho for Cass!

More Photos of Sandara Park and Lee Minho for Cass!

More Photos of Sandara Park and Lee Minho for Cass!

More Photos of Sandara Park and Lee Minho for Cass!

Sandara Park Solo

Posted in 2NE1 on September 8, 2009 by wonderbangfansclub


The singer gets ready to promote her new digital single “Kiss“.

Not to worry, Sandara Park isn’t ready to ditch 2NE1 just yet. It’s her main money maker, after all. She will, however, try things out on her own and release a new digital single called “Kiss“. Sandara’s track will drop  immediately after 2NE1 ends promotions for their latest single “I Don’t Care“, as well as the rest of their debut mini-album.

Dara’s new single, which was produced by YG’s main producer Teddy, will also feature a rap by her 2NE1 group mate CL. The single, which will be officially released on September 7th, will be the singer’s first solo track to be released in Korea. The song will also be included on 2NE1’s new album, which will hit shelves sometime in October.

Rumor has it, CL and Park Bom are also working on solo projects (aw, what about maknae Min-ji?!). Looks like Dara’s not so special after all. She may be the first of the 2NE1 girls to go solo, but she definitely won’t be the last.

2NE1 Is Flying High In Heels

Posted in 2NE1 on September 8, 2009 by wonderbangfansclub


2NE1’s fans are used to seeing the foursome on stage in the brightest Nikes or the hottest new kicks in town. This time, when they performed Pretty Boy at Inkigayo, they were seen on stage with shoes that are a little bit different from their usual kicks.

Fans watched as the four girls danced and sung in some pretty high heels. High heels are called high heels but these were HIGH heels. I watch SNSD and other girl groups perform in heels all the time but these have packed on inches more than any other heels I have seen on any other K-Pop artists!

Sandara Park’s single album KISS ft. CL Released!

Posted in 2NE1 on September 8, 2009 by wonderbangfansclub


2009년 9월 7일 2NE1의 산다라 첫 솔로 곡 [KISS] 디지털 싱글 발표 안내 입니다.

산다라의 솔로 곡 ‘키스(Kiss)’는 오는 10월에 발표할 2NE1의 다음 앨범에 수록 예정이었던

곡으로서 “롤리팝(Lollipop)”과 “파이어(Fire)” “아돈케어(I Don’t Care)” 를 작사 작곡한 YG의

메인 프로듀서 TEDDY의 후속작 입니다.

‘키스(Kiss)’ 는 “롤리팝(Lollipop)” 만큼이나 댄서블한 리듬에 중독성 있는 후렴구가 인상적인

곡으로서 2NE1의 CL이 랩 피처링을 맡아 강렬함을 더했고 상대 남자가 좀 더 적극적으로 다가와

KISS 해주길 바라는 여성의 속 마음을 표현하고 있는 이 곡은 팝적인 보컬느낌이 강한 산다라의

매력이 잘 살아난 곡 입니다.

산다라 Digital Single [KISS]

타이틀곡: KISS

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